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How Can I Help?

The North Wales Breeding Bird Atlas is being organised in conjunction with Bird Atlas 2007-11, the new national project to map the distribution and abundance of Britain's birds in both the winter and breeding seasons. Both projects will use the same methods, but the North Wales Atlas will map the distributions of our birds at the 2km (Tetrad) scale.

Here you will find links to all the resources you need to help with Bird Atlas 2007-11 and the North Wales Breeding Bird Atlas.

How to Join the Surveys

Anyone who would like to help with the survey should register his or her interest in submitting Roving Records by clicking on the link “Application Form (Roving Records). However if you would like to help by recording Timed Tetrad Visits (TTVs) click on the link “BTO Tetrad Registration (TTVs).

Survey Instructions

Read online or download instructions and guidance for the BTO Bird Atlas 2007-11 and the North Wales Breeding Bird Atlas.


Download forms for recording Roving Records using the link under Forms or request them from your Regional Representative. Forms for recording Timed Tetrad Visits can only be obtained through your Regional Representative

Reference material

Download the official BTO list of two-letter Species codes, to make field recording easier. For the breeding season survey a set of Breeding Category Codes is used to categorise your observations into Possible, Probable or Confirmed breeding. Download the list of codes from here.


Understanding Grid References

Click above for detailed explanation of the Ordnance Survey UK system of Grid references

What is a Tetrad?

Click above for a useful explanation of the tetrad system, which is used in both the BTO and the North Wales Bird Atlases

Find your Tetrad

Access the Ordnance Survey Get-A-Map service to print a map of any tetrad covered by the North Wales Breeding Bird Atlas. These maps represent the BTO regions which are based upon 10Km squares, and not on Watsonian vice counties or local authorities.




Clwyd West

Clwyd East

Validation – what it means for you

 ‘The process of reviewing and checking all records submitted to the Bird Atlas and BirdTrack began in December 2008. This is a huge but very important task for the Regional Reps and County Recorders to carry out and we appreciate any help you can give if your records are queried. Only a very small proportion of the records are queried and these tend to be problems with grid references not matching the place name provided, high counts or a query over the breeding status. From experience, many of these queries are the result of input error, something that is very easy to do. Very few records are queried over problems with identification and these mainly relate to records of locally or nationally rare species. If you are confident about your identification you may be asked to supply a brief description of the bird you saw: this is a standard request to meet the needs of local and national bird recording.’

 You will know that you have a queried record if either you notice a yellow bar on the initial page when you next log in to the Atlas website or you may get a direct email from the local Atlas organiser. Please respond to these queries as quickly as possible.