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Background to the Atlas Project


North Wales Breeding Bird Atlas – Introduction


The Atlas started in April 2008 and will run for four years. A large number of volunteers will be collecting data to produce the first ever Breeding Bird Atlas for North Wales. The Atlas will cover the local authority areas of Anglesey/Ynys Mon, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd and Wrexham and will include the whole of the Snowdonia National Park. The plan is to survey as many as possible and hopefully all 1794 tetrads (2km x 2km squares) that include part of the Area of North Wales. This project will run alongside, and use the same methods as, Bird Atlas 2007-11 - the British Trust for Ornithology / BirdWatch Ireland / Scottish Ornithologists Club atlas of the birds of the whole of Britain and Ireland.


The populations and distributions of Britain’s birds are in a constant state of flux, as changes in the habitats and climate impact all aspects of their life cycle. Only by monitoring where, when and in what numbers our birds are using the variety of habitats and resources within North Wales can we hope to understand these impacts.


Annual monitoring schemes, such as the BTO/RSPB/JNCC Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) operate by counting birds in randomly selected squares and provide yearly measures of population change. At the county level this gives only a broad indication of the changes in a relatively small number of species. Atlas projects complement the BBS by providing comprehensive information on the distribution of birds, covering far more squares than BBS.


The new North Wales Atlas will comprise the first systematic assessment of the distribution of birds in the six local authority areas in the breeding season.