Anglesey Tetrads - Breeding Season Surveys



The map below shows those tetrads within the 15 x 10km squares covering Anglesey. You can obtain a map of any tetrad by simply clicking on that square and it will take you directly to the Ordnance Survey Get-a-Map page for your selected tetrad. To print off the map click on "Print" in the top right corner of the Get-a-Map window and then right click above the map and click on "Print Preview". Then click on the dialogue box "Shrink to Fit" and choose 150% to resize the map. It can then be printed on a standard A4 sheet by simply clicking on the printer symbol in the top left corner.


If you would like to know which species have so far been recorded in any tetrad, you can obtain a tetrad list in the usual way from the BTO Atlas website ("



SH27E SH27J SH27P SH27N SH27M SH27S SH27T Sh27U SH27X SH27Y SH27Z SH28A SH28B SH28C SH28F SH28G SH28H SH28K SH28L SH28M SH28Q SH28R SH28S SH28V SH28W SH28X SH28Y SH28Z SH29V SH29W SH29X SH29S SH37C SH37D SH37B SH37E SH38A SH38B SH38C SH38D SH38E SH39A SH39B SH39C SH36I SH36J SH37F SH37G SH37H SH37I SH37J SH38F SH38G SH38H SH38I SH38J SH39F SH39G SH39H SH36N SH36P SH36M SH37K SH37L SH37M SH37N SH37P SH38K SH38L SH38M SH38N SH38P SH39K SH39L SH39M SH36S SH36T SH36U SH37Q SH37R SH37S SH37T SH37U SH38Q SH38R SH38S SH38T SH38U SH39Q SH39R SH39S SH36W SH36X SH36Y SH36Z SH37V SH37W SH37X SH37Y SH37Z SH38V SH38W SH38X SH38Y SH38Z SH39V SH39W SH39X SH46A SH46B SH46C SH46D SH46E SH47A SH47B SH47C SH47D SH47E SH48A SH48B SH48C SH48D SH48E SH49A SH49B SH49C SH46F SH46G SH46H SH46I SH46J SH47F SH47G SH47H SH47I SH47J SH48F SH48G SH48H SH48I SH48J SH49F SH49G SH49H SH46K SH46L SH46M SH46N SH46P SH47K SH47L SH47M SH47N SH47P SH48K SH48L SH48M SH48N SH48P SH40K SH49L SH49M SH46Q SH46R SH46S SH46T SH46U SH47Q SH47R SH47S SH47T SH47U SH48Q SH48R SH48S SH48T SH48U SH49Q SH49R SH49S SH46V SH46W SH46X SH46Y SH46Z SH47V SH47W SH47X SH47Y SH47Z SH48V SH48W SH48X SH48Y SH48Z SH49V SH49W SH49X SH57A SH57B SH57C SH57D SH57E SH58A SH58B SH58C SH58D SH58E SH57F SH57G SH57H SH57I SH57J SH58F SH58G SH58H SH57K SH57L SH57M SH57N SH57P SH58K SH5573 SH57Q SH57R SH57S SH57T SH58Q SH5783 SH57U SH57V SH57W SH57X SH57Y SH57Z SH58V SH58W SH68A SH68B SH68F SH6183 SH68K SH68L



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